Western Bound

I apologize for how slow-coming posts have been! Since school started up again, it seems that all I have been doing in homework. Thanks for your patience, readers; I’m going to work on prioritizing!

Today, I have to share with you a lovely 3-ring binder from Western Washington State College (Now Western Washington University)!

WWSC Front
WWSC ~ Western Washington State College

Located in Bellingham, Washington, WWU opened as The New Whatcom State Normal School in 1899. The school first opened as a teachers’ college and consisted of one building (now Old Main) and primarily female students. Over the next several decades, the name of the school changed five more times, first to Whatcom State Normal School, and then to Bellingham State Normal School. With the addition of the Bachelor’s Degree program in the 1930s, the college’s name officially changed to Western Washington College of Education. As the school continued to expand, and the focus on teacher training at the school became less urgent, the name was changed again in 1959 to Western Washington State College. The school adopted it’s final and current title upon achieving university status in 1977.

Inside Binder
The inside of the binder, manufactured in the USA by National.

This binder was produced by National and formed out of virgin vinyl. Besides the WWSC printed on the front, the binder displays school spirit through its official school colors. While it is hard to date the binder, I would guess that it was produced sometime in the 1960s.

Mystery Label
88+ ~The only thing left from the previous owner. Can you make any of it out?

The only clues left over from the previous owner were a few hole-punch reinforcements (interestingly made of cloth) and a crusty piece of masking tape with some near-invisible writing done in both blue and red ink. Any former vikings remember having one of these?