Spring is Coming

It may still be winter, but some of the bulbs are blooming. It seems like every grocery store is selling cut daffodils and those darling little potted jonquils. With all of the mountain snow and the chilly winds, it’s hard to believe that in just another month or two, fields around the state will look something like this:

Blog 001
A daffodil field in the Puyallup Valley

Here is a lovely springtime postcard depicting a field of yellow daffodils in either Sumner or Puyallup. Postmarked October 3, 1960, it reads as follows:

“Sunday~ Dear Minnie, Well, the bums have returned after a grand trip and had lovely weather all the time. Will be looking forward to seeing you in (?) and Lena. Hope you and Ross are well. We are fine. Just your old Vashon Pal, Lizz”

Blog 002
Mount Rainier overlooks this beautiful field of golden daffodils. This section of Washington is known for its bulb industry and each spring the Puyallup Valley Daffodil Festival attracts thousands of visitors to its week-long celebration.

The”Lena” on this card might refer to Lena Lake, a popular hiking spot in the Olympic National Forest.

If anybody can read the words I transcribed with a (?), please comment below!