Let’s Go to Washington State

Now that Spring Break is upon us, perhaps you’ve asked yourself a time or two where to go. Florida? Mexico? The Caribbean? Look no further than the Northwestern corner of the U.S.


Why, may you ask?

Blog 009
“It’s Cool, it’s Green, it’s Great!”

How much more of a reason could you possibly need?

This midcentury  tourism brochure, originally the property of the former Stagecoach Motel, touts the diversity of Washington’s geography and offerings.

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“Glorious Vacationland!”

Now it seems that Washington is only known for its apples and rain, but this brochure invites you to explore the state’s outdoor offerings, including swimming, fishing, and general sightseeing. It seems a very fitting advertisement for a time when road trips were popular vacations for many Americans.

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Highway and Recreation Map

The map gives us an interesting look at the state’s major roadways before the construction of the interstates. Highway 99 was still the main north-south thoroughfare and Highway 10 had yet to become part of I-90.

Blog 010
“It’s Closer Than You Think”

In case you were wondering what to wear on your trip, here is what the brochure suggests. I would add an umbrella or raincoat to the list.

Why not stop by? It’s closer than you think. Only 11 hours from New York by plane in the 1950s.

It’s only about 6 hours now.

Blog 013
Fold-out View

It’s Cool. It’s Green. It’s Great.


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