Jerden 910

Seattle’s Jerden Records, active 1960-1969, was the most successful record label in the Pacific Northwest. It was founded by singer and guitarist Bonnie Guitar and promo man Jerry Dennon. In fact, “Jerden” was derived from the first 3 letters of Dennon’s first and last names.

Today, I have Jerden 910, a single from the Seattle-based Feelies. Released in 1968 or 1969, it sports Jerden’s classic late-60s blue label. Side A is the uptempo pop tune “Happy”, and Side B is the slow, mysterious “Look at Me.” Both songs were written, arranged, and, I believe, sung by guitarist Gordon Kjellberg.

The Feelies appear to be Kjellberg’s next project after the demise of Liberty Party, and a brief stint with Merrilee & the Turnabouts. All of the Feelies had previously played with other bands on the Northwest circuit, or would go on to after the Feelies fell apart.

Drummer “Shuga” George Clark had also played with Merrilee & the Turnabouts. Keyboardist “Wild Bill” Hornibrook, bassist Rick Bullard, drummer Bob Holden, and Kjellberg later formed the group Cherry Fizz with Andy Parypa of the Sonics. After Cherry Fizz, Hornibrook and Kjellberg joined Blue Mountain Eagle, a group also containing Kjellberg’s brother, Vern (better known as Joey Newman).

Other noted members are bassist Rick Fondell and drummers George “Shaky Roe” O’Brien and Vern Palm.

There is very little information to be found on the Feelies, but a photo of the group can be found at, a fantastic tribute to the Pacific Northwest Bands formed in the region from the 1950s through the 1970s and beyond.


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