Greetings from the Oregon Coast!

What I love about this postcard is how touristy it is. The strategic placement of the rhododendrons in relation to the blue waters and artistic rocks is reminiscent of a postcard from Hawaii.

Blog 014
Don’t let the rhododendrons fool you! This is indeed Oregon.

Postmarked July 5, 1956, this postcard was authored the day it was sent to Mr. and Mrs. Gunnar Nordquist at 1850 53rd St. in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood. It reads as follows:

“Hi Folks! We spent one night in a motel & two nights camping near Waldport. Had dinner with the Kerr’s Mon. eve. The weather here has been misty but not cold. On the way up the coast. Love, Connie & Roy”

Waldport, Oregon is a small town in Lincoln County, incorporated in 1911. During the time this postcard was sent, the population was somewhere around 667-689 people.

Blog 015
Rhododendrons on the beautiful Oregon Coast

I’m pretty envious of that 2-cent postage myself, which is equivalent to about 17 cents today. The price of mailing a postcard today is 34 cents.


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