Summer is Coming

Sorry for the long and sudden absence! I just graduated from college, and as you can imagine, between finals and move-out, my computer has sat dormant. Thanks for hanging in there, and welcome all new subscribers!

Seeing as though we are a mere 4 days from the official start of summer, I thought I’d share a postcard that sums up what makes summers in the Pacific Northwest so wonderful.

Postcards 005.jpg
Ready for a road trip?

Whether heading up to the lake or going on a road trip, the Northwest’s tree-lined roads make for a beautiful and scenic journey. Washington’s North Cascades Highway (completed in 1909) has been called one of the most scenic roads in the U.S. claims that Oregon has more scenic byways than any other state.

Postcards 006
PACIFIC NORTHWEST- The fir-lined highways of Washington and Oregon offer the visitor one of the most beautiful tours in America.

Lists of scenic drives in Washington and Oregon can be found through these links.


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