Summer Motel Guide Part V

It may be September, but summer isn’t over yet! It’s not too late to pay a visit to one of the vintage beauties featured in the Summer Motel Guide.

If you’ve been thinking about heading to the Moses Lake area, why not try the Sage n’ Sand Motel and Coffee Shop? Especially if you like to swim.

Postcards 002

This unusual 1960s postcard captures the motel’s small but welcoming pool area and its glowing neon sign. The Sage n’ Sand, built in the early 1950s, was not only a place for travelers to sleep and swim, but also a place for passing motorists to grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat.

This motel featured all of the modern amenities: a heated pool, air conditioning, phones, televisions, and radios. It even offered suites and rooms with kitchenettes. Like many motels of yesteryear, it was AAA accredited.

SnS Pool.png
Aerial View via Google Earth

Located at 1011 S. Pioneer Way in Moses Lake, the Sage n’ Sand is still open for business. While the interior has been modernized, the outside still bolsters a retro 50s look and the original pool. With 14 different room styles, there is something for everyone.

If I only knew if they still had those blue-and-gold patio chairs…

Postcards 003.jpg
SAGE N’ SAND MOTEL AND COFFEE SHOP Heated Swimming Pool. 12 Blocks East of City Center. Phone ROckwell 5-4538. MOSES LAKE, WASHINGTON. 37 Air Conditioned Units. Suites. Kitchenettes. Apartments. Phones. TV. Free Radios. MEMBERS– best western & AAA


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